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Arts et Métiers is an internationally renowned institute, and is fast becoming one of the top technology institutes in Europe. International collaborations are at the heart of everything we do whether it be in education or in research.

In order to maintain and foster a global education and research environment, Arts et Métiers have established over 150 partnerships worldwide, we welcome more than 1000 foreign students, and each year over 1000 Arts et Métiers students participate in our mobility abroad programs, either through internships in industry, research projects in laboratories or study abroad. Over 500 students participate in study abroad programs including academic semester or year exchange with credit transfer, or double degree programs with over 400 students obtain a double degree from one of our partner institutes.

Building international partnerships in research and education is part and parcel of the Arts et Métiers strategy, and our aim is that international activity will become an integral part of the culture of the whole Arts et Métiers community.

Today’s global engineers should be equipped not only with the technical and scientific skills, but also be able to develop within an international culture to be prepared to face the socio-economic and major technological challenges that cross traditional barriers.

“Accelerator of talent for the industry of the future” Arts et Métiers’s international initiatives seeks to :

  • Offer students enriching international opportunities that prepare them to have a positive impact on global socio –economic and environmental issues.
  • As founder member of the French Alliance Industry of the Future, be an ambassador for the French “Industry of the Future” plan on the international scene
  • Enhance collaborative research partnerships in Europe and in target countries
  • Develop strategic partnerships in education and research for both students and faculty
  • Accompany industry in their international development to allow them to become more competitive on the international scene

We aim to create a limited number of strategic partnerships with leading technological institutes over the 5 continents. These projects aim to develop structured partnerships in education, research and innovation in the priority fields of Industry of the Future.

Arts et Métiers has already developed 2 strategic projects, one in Europe in partnership with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, the other with Texas AM-College of Engineering –TEES in the USA.

French-German Institute for “Industry of the Future”

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Arts et Métiers are key leaders of education, research, and innovation in engineering at the heart of Europe. To pursue their mission of being the reference institutes supporting ground‐breaking innovation and to accompany manufacturing paradigm  revolution, KIT and Arts et Métiers have now joint their strengths to create the French‐German  institute for “Industry of the future”.

Based on a collaboration in the education of mechanical engineers for more than twenty years now, the newly established institute focuses on digitize, advanced manufacturing processes, and human beings as a central part of the factory and prepares European engineers for the industry of the future. Furthermore, the French-German institute will synergetically foster strengths in research and innovation in the field of production in both countries. The institute addresses the priorities of the High-Tech Strategy of the German government and the "Nouvelle France Industrielle" map of the French government. The collaboration will ensure long-term prosperity of France and Germany in a strong Europe

For more information, visit the French-German institute 's web site.

TEES – A&M Joint Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Research, Innovation, and Education Cluster

TEES, at Texas AM College of Engineering, USA and Arts et Métiers are key leaders of education, research, and innovation in engineering, one in the USA, the other in  the heart of Europe.

In today’s global academic and research environment, Arts et Métiers and TEES aim to promote the internationalization of their activities, as well as the structured mobility of personnel and students within a strategic transatlantic joint initiative through the TEES – A&M Joint Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Research,  Innovation, and Education Cluster

Located in Aix en Provence, and working closely with the strategic industry thematic fields of both TEES and Arts et Métiers in both countries, the Arts et Métiers/TEES Joint Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Research, Innovation, and Education Cluster comprises three components:

  1. Research: expand collaborative research opportunities for both institutions in the PACA region, France and in Texas in the shared excellence areas of material science and manufacturing in partnership with French & American industry operating in both continents.
  2. Education: expand international educational opportunities in the PACA region and in Texas through the offering of dual degrees, continuing education, summer schools and workforce development on both sides of the Atlantic
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: expand employment opportunities for the residents through active commercialization and technology transfer to new and existing enterprises in the partners’ respective locations. A double objective, provide the opportunity for French start-ups/entrepreneurs to have access to the American market, and American start-ups/entrepreneurs to the French market, particularly in the PACA region, within an ecosystem building on the strengths and contributions of both institutions

The medium term objective is to allocate a specific building to this joint entity.

For more information : web site AM²

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