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Contractual research is an essential component of the relationship with the socioeconomic world. The school has a subsidiary dedicated to this activity, AMVALOR, which is developing an ambitious program of chairs.

Arts et Métiers holds four research chairs on subjects with a strong societal and/or industrial impact, such as :

- The environment : The WEEE chair, devoted to the eco-design and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment waste with ESR, and the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) of the Future chair, developing innovation in the field of product lifecycle management methods and tools as well as training employees in PLM tools and preparing them for Industry 4.0 in partnership with Capgemini. 

- Clean mobility : The non-linear dynamic chair for the absorbers of the future with Valeo, which aims to reduce vibrations linked to the use of cleaner technologies; 

- Intelligent industrial systems : The Create ID Chair with ESI, on advanced numerical methods for personalized real-time simulation (Hybrid Twin) of the behavior of materials and manufacturing processes.

Chairs in progress


- Health : The BiomécAM chair with Proteor (a French specialist in orthopedic devices), the Société Générale's disability mission, Covéa (a mutual insurance group), and the Yves Cotrel foundation for research in spinal pathology; 

- Intelligent industrial systems : a production systems chair designed to introduce the technological building blocks of the Factory of the Future into the production systems of very small businesses and SMEs with the Union des industries et métiers de la métallurgie, ThyssenKrupp and the ERDF, and the Time to Concept chair on the optimization of innovation and training processes in virtual reality, augmented reality and connected objects with Mann Hummel.

Chairs completed

chairs visuel - arts et métiers


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