Partnership research

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Arts et Métiers fosters close and productive relationships with its industrial and academic partners in order to realize technological innovations. This collaborative strategy relies on cutting-edge resources.

Transport, energy, health, housing, and manufacturing: Arts et Métiers dedicates its scientific activities to anticipating, as well as addressing, the challenges of the industry of the future. "Our strategy is also based on bringing together experts from different disciplines with complementary expertise", according to Ivan Iordanoff, Dean of research and innovation.  This is why Arts et Métiers works on building partnerships with industrial partners as well as education and research institutions."

Strong presence in competitiveness clusters

Seven joint laboratories were thus created, dedicated to various themes ranging from innovative materials and processes for vehicles of the future, to machining techniques, and mechanics of continuous media. A teaching and research professorship was jointly created by Arts et Métiers, Chimie ParisTech, and Mines ParisTech in 2014 on the topic of Urban mining. It focuses on recycling and eco-design, especially of electric and electronic equipment waste.

Thanks to its numerous locations, Arts et Métiers is able to participate in many competitiveness clusters – internationally oriented structures that work on a specific theme and are located in innovative and dynamic ecosystems. Some of the key themes are mechanics, energy, digital technology, and aerospace. The institution is also affiliated to three technology research institutes (IRT) and one energy transition institute (ITE).

Arts et Métiers facilities at the service of the industry

Arts et Métiers has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities which are available to its partners. Companies and research teams can, for instance, take advantage of Arts et Métiers technological platforms, which unite its material and human resources for a specific type of engineering sciences, in one place.

In order to meet the needs of the industry, two of the institution's structures play an essential role: the Institut Carnot ARTS (Research in the service of technology and society) and AMVALOR. The ARTS Carnot institute relies on the expertise of 20 research laboratories, from Arts et Métiers as well as its partner institutions, to provide many services, such as technological diagnostics and R&D studies. AMVALOR, an Arts et Métiers research and technology transfer subsidiary, was created in 2016. Its mission is to identify the technological developments required by businesses and to provide them with appropriate solutions.

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