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Entreprises laboratoires

Companies, both large and small, have always supported the development of Arts et Métiers. Today, various collaborative approaches are implemented to meet new challenges for businesses and the institution.

Arts et Métiers Partners Companies

Schneider_logoSchneider Electric

is an European industrial group working internationally and is a global energy management and automation specialist. It manufactures and markets products for power management, automatic controls and appropriate solutions for these business lines.

Anxious to support the school and promote the development of its activities, Schneider Electric has made a three-year commitment to participate in the Arts et Métiers strategic project of defined in the "Towards the industry of the future" campaign.

Fondation Egalité mixité

The Fondation Egalité Mixité [Equality and Diversity Foundation], with the support and approval of FACE (Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion [Act Against Exclusion Foundation]), aims to contribute to the national communication campaign on professional diversity and to promote social innovation for equal opportunities for women and men.

Arts et Métiers was the winner of the 2016 call for projects entitled Technology, a feminine noun. The purpose of this project is to promote scientific studies and careers to young girls. It uses photo portraits and words to highlight the paths of 18 young female Arts et Métiers engineers. Both students and graduates, they demonstrate that women have their place in the world of industry and technology, which is still predominantly male.

Engie logoEngie

is a global energy player and an expert in the gas, electricity and energy services lines. Engie aims to promote innovation, which is its strategy for transformation, sharing and reputation, with the students of Arts et Métiers.

The group chose to support "CrAMfunding, an entrepreneurial challenge" the institution's first crowd funding campaign, aimed at Arts et Métiers students to raise their awareness of entrepreneurial dynamics and to offer them the opportunity to improve their project management skills and meet tomorrow's challenges.

Total LogoTotal

 is a French private oil and gas company. Its activities cover the entire production chain, from crude oil and natural gas extraction to energy production, refining and commercial operations. Total is also active in renewable energy and in the power generation sector.

Actively involved in the field of disability, the group supports the Arts et Métiers PHARES programme, which provides tutoring and student support to young people with disabilities from the third grade until they enter higher education. The aim is to promote access to higher education for young people with disabilities by enabling them to consider studies in line with their full potential and to complete them successfully.

Mann + Hummel logoMann+Hummel is a German automotive supplier specialising in filtration systems and technical plastic sub-engine parts. With its admission to the Time to Concept chair, the group is demonstrating its strong commitment to accelerating and optimising process design and innovation using the tools of virtual reality and augmented reality. The chair will be supported by the Presence and Innovation team of LAMPA, the Arts et Métiers Research Laboratory, as well as by the engineers of the CLARTE technology resources centre.

Logo Assystem

For 50 years, Assystem has been inspired by the belief that thanks to their boldness, expertise and ability to change the rules of the game, engineers are the architects of tomorrow's world. Every day, its 5,000 employees innovate in contact with their customers. They support the largest global engineering projects in the fields of energy, health and transport.

The group chose to support the school in its development, particularly on issues of diversity, for example by funding grants for students with disabilities.

ThyssenKrupp Presta France, a leading automotive supplier, equips one vehicle in seven worldwide with steering systems that are assembled at its site at Florange and Fameck. On highly automated production lines, more than 35,000 electric-assist steering columns and steering racks are assembled every day and delivered on a just-in-time basis to almost all car manufacturers.Logo Thyssenkrupp

To answer the question: "How can new technological building blocks of the factory of the future be deployed to transform the production systems of VSEs, SMEs and industrial groups?", Thyssenkrupp and Arts et Métiers have created an industrial research chair dedicated to safe and efficient reconfigurable production systems.

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