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Arts et Métiers is, with more than 6 000 students, one of France’s major Schools of Engineering (Grande École). Each year we welcome around 400 exchange students. Take the chance to become one of them and come study at Arts et Métiers for one semester, the whole year or more. Studying abroad is not just new knowledge but a life-changing experience.

Exchange students are selected and nominated by their home universities. In order to become an exchange student you have to be enrolled at a partner university with which Arts et Métiers has a cooperation agreement. As an exchange student, you create an individual study plan (learning agreement) which should be approved by your home university before applying to Arts et Métiers. If necessary, there will be a possibility to revise your initial course selection but any changes must be approved by both your home and host institutions. For further information please contact the international coordinator at your home university.

The European Credit Transfer System, ECTS, is used at Arts et Métiers. One academic year equals 60 ECTS credits, therefore one semester equals 30 ECTS credits. The grading scale goes from A (excellent), B (very good), C (good), D (satisfactory), E (sufficent) to F (fail). The ECTS credits earned at Arts et Métiers are transferred and they should count towards the obtaining of the degree in your home university.

Arts et Métiers offers courses in French and in English. If you are selected for an exchange programme, make sure you have sufficient knowledge of the language the courses are taught in.

Courses are intended for exchange students who have completed at least three years of the educational programme at their home university, with grades above average. Admission criteria may vary depending on the chosen programme.

Exchange students must apply online through the Arts et Métiers system. When you choose your study programme carefully check the campus where the courses are given. While filling in your application you will be asked to sort the campuses in priority order. Campuses are assigned to students early June so, with some exceptions, incoming students do not know their campus in advance even if an admission offer has been made. We make our best to allocate student’s first choice but, in spite of that, we cannot guarantee a spot in one particular campus. Thus, please do not book housing until you receive confirmation of the campus you have been assigned to.

To sum up, when selecting courses you must...

  1. Determine your current level of study (last year of Bachelor, 1st year of Master…)
  2. Confirm your proficiency in English or in French (B1 level is strongly recommended for non degree-seeking students; B2 level is mandatory for dual degrees)
  3. Find relevant programme and courses within the Grande Ecole Programme or Master programmes or Research project
  4. Carefully check the campus where the courses are given. Do not book accommodation before your host campus has been confirmed by Arts et Métiers.
  5. List your selected courses in the Learning agreement and have it approved and signed by your home university
  6. Attach your Learning agreement to your on-line application form so the academic coordinator at Arts et Métiers can assess it. He/her will contact you if you need to revise your course selection
  7. Wait for a copy of your Learning agreement signed by Arts et Métiers. This will be sent to you by e-mail together with the admission letter

We are looking forward to seeing you at Arts et Métiers !

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