Arts et Métiers and ESI Group join forces for an international teaching and research chair in the field of engineering and digital engineering of materials, processes, structures, and systems.


CREATE ID is an international teaching and research chair between Arts et Métiers and ESI Group, a leading provider of virtual prototyping software and services specializing in the physics of materials. It focuses on several research areas related to the industry of the future: 

  • Real-time simulation of production steps based on physics models (via model reduction) 
  • Data-driven modeling and simulation (heterogeneous and not necessarily massive) and artificial intelligence techniques (Engineered Artificial Intelligence) 
  • Hybridization of these two components to define different typologies of digital twins, where data is used to enrich models, and models to make data more intelligent, in order to predict the behavior of a material / process / component-structure / system, throughout its life. 

This research can be applied in several sectors: automotive, aeronautics, naval, metallurgy, health...The Chair will also aim to develop engineering training, and education in these research areas. 



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